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About The Education Sage

The Education Sage Helps Students Thrive.

  • Students understand how they learn best through coaching based on individual's learning styles.
  • Students learn modalities and techniques that work best for their learning styles.
  • We concentrate on students putting information into memory in a way that makes retrieval easy.
  • Students become organized in all work so they can manage their learning.
Education Sage Inc.

Beth Silver is The Education Sage.

For more than 30 years, Beth Silver has taught students techniques to help them learn and retrieve information through the use of Brain Based Coaching.

  • B.S. Elementary Education Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa Subject matter areas: Math, Science, History
  • M.S. Education Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa Area of Specialization: Curriculum for the Gifted Child, Concentration in areas of reading and writing skills
  • Study at present: continuing to work with neurologists on behalf of students to learn the individual's brain based needs for learning
  • Brain Based Coaching for ages 6 - adult
  • Solutions for Parenting - coaching parents to help them cope with learning issues and and disabilities within the family and at school
  • Classroom instructor grades 2 - college
  • Director of Curriculum and Instruction at The Winston School Del Mar, California
  • Founding Principal of two private schools
  • Director of a religious school
  • Third Party Staff Development workshop presentations and classroom coaching for teachers
  • Educational and Life Coach for Comprehensive ADHD Center, Inc.



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