​Advocate for Your Student

The Individual Education Plan

  The Individual Education Plan ( I.E.P.) is part of special education in a school. This plan is based on psychoeducational testing of the student, medical input, teacher input, parent input and academic history of the student.

   This plan usually provides services for the student which are delivered in school while the student attends. There is usually a case worker who oversees the plan and its accommodations. This plan can be reviewed yearly but requires a thorough review every three years.  

The 504 Plan

   The 504 Plan is part of regular education. It is based on the psychoeducational testing and input from the teaching staff. There are accommodations for medical 504 plans. An example would be a student who is diabetic. This plan provides accommodations for the student. It is up to the student and parents to see to it that the accommodations are given.

   There are no services available with this plan; only the classroom accommodations are provided. This plan should be reviewed yearly, but it is up to the parents to request the meeting for the review.