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Brain Based Learning

What is Brain Based Learning?

Brain Based Learning refers to instructional techniques that are grounded in the neuroscience of learning—i.e., scientific findings are used to inform educational strategies and programs. Included are teaching methods, lesson designs, and school programs that are based on the latest scientific research about how the brain learns, including such factors as cognitive development. It is vital to approach the individual brain in a way that produces cooperation and learning.

Brain Based Learning Principles include:
  • Each brain is totally unique.
  • Stress and threat impact the brain in many ways. These produce negative emotions.
  • Emotions run the brain. Emotions are the key to memory, meaning, and attention.
  • Feeding the brain is important. Brains are stimulated by challenge, novelty, and feedback in learning environments.
Brain Based Teaching Results:
  • Enhances students’ self-belief.
  • Enables students working alone or enjoying learning relationships with others and they feel competent to achieve their own learning.
  • Helps engage students in all that is happening.
  • Creates learning that is active, collaborative, and builds learning relationships.
  • Creates experiences for students that are challenging and enriching and that extend their academic abilities.
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How Can I Help My Child?

If your child is struggling in school, The Education Sage offers brain based coaching and a school that can help your student.

Brain Based Coaching

The Education Sage's complete student coaching for Elementary, Middle, and High school students is not traditional tutoring.

Like a sports coach who assists athletes to reach their full potential, a Brain Based Coach does the same for learning.

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Our online school provides excellence in building individual academic skills through the use of academic instruction built on Brain Based Educational Research for grades 5-8. To help students excel, Ed Sage School limits the number of students to 3-6 for an interactive and low-stress environment.

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