​Education Sage College Coaching Program

Program Description

   College Coaching is a program to help students create the best possible profile of courses, activities including volunteering, jobs and community interaction to use on college applications. The program helps students select colleges that are a good choice or “good fit” for the student. Guidance is given for the writing of college essays, completion of application forms, interview techniques and completion of required steps for due dates. Guidance is given for taking college entrance tests – which ones to take and the dates to take them. Help is available to answer all of the questions that “pop up” during the course of the coaching. Phone calls, emails and text messages are answered promptly.
   Depending on a student’s grade level, coaching meetings will happen once, twice or three times a month. During the actual college application writing process, meetings will happen weekly if needed.

Creating the Profile

​​The student meets monthly with the College Coach to review progress in courses. The coach and the student will look at grades. Guidance will be given for how to learn, test taking preparation and if necessary, recommendations for specific help with subject matter. During this meeting other items will be discussed depending upon the student’s grade level and steps in the college application process.



The College Coach will work with the student and the family to complete all school applications. This includes what may be required by the high school – such as completion of information on a Naviance account. The Common Application or specific school applications will be completed. This includes strong guidance in the writing of required essays. The emphasis in the essays is on the student and what the student has to offer that makes him/her a good fit for a school. If needed, the student will be guided to write a resume to be included with the application.

College or University Selection

Selecting a major for most students is difficult. If the student is really not sure, then guidance to apply as  “undeclared” student will be given. Many students enter college undeclared and then select a major while at school.


Selecting a Major

Schools selected will be based on student’s interests, parents’ concerns, the family economics and the ability of the student to qualify to enter a school. Care is given to select schools that if accepted the student will attend the school.


Admission Interviews

Guidance through preparation for admission interviews will be given. Role playing will be used to guide a student through typical interviews. The College Coach will make sure the student has enough information about the school so that he/she can ask questions and respond to questions with correct information.