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Workshop #1: Shattering The Brain Fog Wall
  • How Brain Learns

  • Learning Styles and How They Work

  • Pathways to Memory Will Vary

Workshop #2: Getting Rid of Brain Fog
  • Critical Thinking  Understood

  • Learning Without Memorization

  • Homework Help for Parents

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Workshop #3: Removal of Brain Clouds
  • Test Preparation for the Brain

  • How the Brain Takes a Test

  • Brain Timing for Study and Test Taking

Beth Silver

Beth Silver is an educational therapist who has been in private practice for years, and has helped many students become successful learners. 

Dr. Maryam Torbati

Maryam Torbati has taught K-12th grades and for more than 30 years has been a  professor at colleges and universities throughout California.

Dates and Times

Each workshop is two hours in length.

Choose the dates and times that work best for you.*

Workshop #1: Shattering The Brain Fog Wall

Fri  09/24/21  10a-Noon PST

Sun  10/03/21  2p-4p PST

Fri  10/08/21  4:30p-6:30p PST

Fri  10/15/21  10a-Noon PST

Sun  10/24/21  2p-4p  PST

Fri 11/05/21  4:30p-6:30p PST

Workshop #2: Getting Rid of Brain Fog

Fri  09/24/21  4:30p-6:30p PST

Fri  10/01/21  10a-Noon PST

Sun  10/10/21  2p-4p PST

Fri  10/15/21  4:30p-6:30p PST

Fri  10/22/21 10a-Noon PST

Sun  11/07/21  2p-4p PST

Workshop #3: Removal of Brain Clouds

Sun  09/26/21 2p-4p PST

Fri  10/01/21  4:30p-6:30p PST

Fri  10/08/21  10a-Noon PST

Sun  10/17/21  2p-4p PST

Fri  10/22/21  4:30p-6:30p PST

Fri  11/05/21  10a-Noon PST

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Cost: $275 each or package of 3 for $775

*Minimum 5 participants per session.