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Success Stories

"Hi Beth, thanks for the note. We talk about you all the time. You were a godsend for our children. Stewart graduated from Tufts (academic All-American), Austen is a junior at Dickinson playing soccer - goes to Europe in the spring and had a great internship in NYC with Publicis Group - account management with Hewlett Packard, Jack is going to Tufts and will also play lacrosse, Harrison is at Kent boarding school and the girls are in 8th grade and growing up fast. Mary is with me as I type and sends you hugs and kisses. We miss you!"

~ Stuart & Mary, Parents

"Thank you, dear Beth, for helping Ben get to the finish line! I can see he has matured so much and you helped him learn to keep his focus to get to the end of his undergrad degree! He couldn’t have done it without you! We will all be forever grateful to you and the guidance you provided!"

~ Julie, Parent

"Thank you very much for leaving a huge impact on my senior year as well as my future. You've given me so much motivation to be successful. I definitely won't forget the lessons you've given me! You'll be happy to know I passed all four of my AP exams, even getting a 5 on Psychology! With my scores, I am now an AP Scholar with Distinction! I really couldn't have done it without you. I start college on Monday, and I already have the confidence I need. Thanks again."

~ Lindsey, College Freshman

happy kids
"Just wanted to give you an update on Tristan. He is spending his second semester sophomore year in Southeast Asia. He decided on a small liberal arts college with 1,400 students. His classes are taught almost exclusively by PhD professors with 10-20 kids in a class. Perfect situation for Tristan (if he misses a class he gets a text from the prof). He passed all of his classes so far and it looks like he will actually graduate from college in 4 years (something I never thought I’d see). He has come a long way since all of those Sundays spent with you. We are grateful for all you did for him and wanted to let you know of his success. I’ll keep you posted. Please pat yourself on the back for me."

~ Mike, Parent

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